Acorn Recipes

There are SO MANY ways to eat these delicious acorn nuts!

Acorn is a very versatile and easy-to-use healthy and nutritious food, that can often be locally sourced for free! The taste is a mild nutty flavor, and the nuts will also take on flavors when cooking. Acorn Meal or Acorn Flour can be added to your favorite recipes, to enhance nutrition, and add interesting textures and flavors to your meals.

There are many acorn recipes available in books and online, but most of them simply add a little bit of acorn flour to otherwise normal everyday recipes. We like to push it further, and share, invent, or discover creative recipes that use acorns as the primary featured ingredient, instead of just an added ingredient.

Fortunately, acorns are easy to cook with and easy to experiment with, by adding them to various meals and cooking with them in so many different ways, such as baking, boiling, and frying.

We encourage you to experiment with the infinite ways to cook and eat acorns, as they are an important nutritional source and have thousands of culinary applications. Here are some of the favorite ways we at the Acorn Love Project enjoy eating acorns:

  1. Use the acorn crumbles as breading on fried foods (could be for veggies or poultry, or tofu, tempeh, etc.)
  2. Acorn veggie burgers
  3. Acorn gravy
  4. Acorn crumbles on top of baked dishes
  5. Acorn thickener added to soups or stews
  6. Acorn pancakes or flat bread


Acorn Veggie Burger Recipe:

A “Veggie Burger” can be any kind of patty, made from vegetarian ingredients. It could be a Vegan Burger, or Gluten-Free, etc. etc. So, the best recipes for veggie burgers can be from a huge variety of ingredient choices and ways of preparing the burgers- Really, the sky is the limit with veggie burgers! You can choose your own favorite ingredients to add!

Double Decker Slider Acorn Veggie Cheeseburger, with Sungold Tomatoes & Spinach, on locally baked slider bun!

Here is one that we love:
Acorn Organic Veggie Burger
1. -Fry up (or steam) some of your favorite fresh ingredients to add to burger mix, such as: finely chopped kale, onions, garlic, broccoli, asparagus, and/or Shitake mushrooms sautéd in coconut oil with herbs and pepper…
2. -Rehydrate acorn flour using veggie broth
3. -Add your special ingredients/stir fry, and/or cooked beans, peppers, spices, and/or anything else desired, before mixing it all together to make your unique and delicious burger batch.
4. -Fry the burger patties on medium heat turning frequently, until both sides are golden brown and burger is cooked through, but not dried out.
5. -Add cheese melted on top (dairy or alternative “cheese”), if cheeseburger is desired.
6. -Serve with buns or bread and PLENTY of fixin’s, condiments, garnishes, pickles, and chips (or fries, if available!).

Acorn Burgers can take so many different forms, sizes, & textures- Experiment!

OTHER INGREDIENTS: I have had good luck with adding eggs, tamari, mayonnaise, and/or mustard into the burger mix before forming patties and cooking.

Sissy’s Oatmeal, Almond, Acorn Waffles

-Organic and/or local everything, of course 😋 

-Not suitable for vegans (contains eggs, honey, and butter, of desired

-Feel free too adapt and experiment with variations!

*We prefer avoiding wheat flour, but it can be added: Oat and Acorn Waffles. You can mix in some whole wheat flour in the mix, if you are not sensitive to gluten but it’s not necessary. Just the oat/acorn flour AND/OR: Almond and acorn flour work really well together for the waffles!

3/4 cup blend of Acorn and Oatmeal and/ or almond flour 

2 eggs

1 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract 

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

1 cup milk ( I use local goat milk)

1/2 cup oil (I have recently started using avocado oil, does not necessarily need oil)

Some honey 😋 because I put honey in everything. 

4 teaspoons baking powder (not soda)

Happy jive music for energy.

Separate eggs. Whip whites until foamy. Then add yolks, milk, oil, vanilla one at a time. Ad a dash of honey if desired. Needs to be runny in order for it to mix.  

In a separate bowl mix dry ingredients. Make a well in dry ingredients. Pour wet into the well and mix. 

**important: you may need to adjust the amount of milk. You want the batter to be firm but almost pour-able. If you make it runny enough to pour – the waffles will not set. It’s a balance and I am a guesstimate measurer at this point…..

Top with your favorite waffle adornments. SOME FAVORITES:  strawberry, banana, and maple syrup reduction. Butter or ghee also yummy.

We recently found this web page “EATING ACORNS: 60+ ACORN RECIPES FROM AROUND THE WORLD”, FROM PRACTICAL SELF RELIANCE… but have not explored or tried any of the recipes this site shares… Might be worth a try! ACORN LOVERS UNITE!